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Have You Noticed A Kid Or Teen In Your Life Affected By Depression Or Anxiety Recently?

You Are NOT Alone


  • The World Health Organization has reported a 25% INCREASE in depression and anxiety globally.¬†

  • 1 in 7 adolescents (10-19 year olds) are experiencing depression, anxiety, and behavioral disorders.¬†

  • Rates of teen suicide¬†are increasing at alarming rates. (Suicide Prevention Hotline)

  • Children as young as 3 years old are being diagnosed with depression.


Our children need help, and they need it NOW! 


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How To Get Kids Into Their Highest State Of Well-Being

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Access age-appropriate guided healing meditation allows kids and teens the opportunity to relax, destress, and feel support as they develop a deeper inner knowing.

Listen To The Meditations Anytime From Anywhere

Easily listen to the guided Meditations, Healings, and Energy Clearings through online membership Kajabi App.

Develop Positive Self-Regulation Tools 

Regular meditation has been proven to lower levels of stress, anxiety, and increase joy and vitality. These are fundamental life-long tools for our kids to thrive in all areas of their life!


Meet Your Guide & Energy Healer

Hi, I'm Emily Aarons! I'm a trained energy healer with over 24 years experience. I've had the pleasure of teaching creative movement to toddlers at Bright Horizons Daycare centers as well as kids yoga at local studios, outdoor events, and for The Boys And Girls Club. 

Teaching kids yoga showed me just how much children crave the stillness in order to RECHARGE and REGULATE their moods.

As a mother to two young boys myself, I've experienced elevated stress from this global health crisis first-hand; outbursts, mood swings at an all-time high, tempers flared. BREATHING and stillness was the only thing that helped them to relax and communicate.

 Quickly, I knew my community needed a solution to the growing global mental health crisis amongst our children.

My age-appropriate meditations are designed to address anxiety, depression, fear, and stress associated with test-taking, bullying, and more.

It's an honor and a privilege to offer the LightUp Breathe Meditations so that our children can develop the life-long skills needed to self-regulate and cultivate higher levels of peace and well-being.


Who's LightUp Breathe For?

LightUp Breathe has age appropriate meditations designed for...


‚≠źÔłŹ Kids as young as 2 years old¬†


‚≠źÔłŹ Teenagers 13+¬†


‚≠źÔłŹ Adults love them too

What Do I Get With LightUp Breathe?


  • Access to 30 age-appropriate themed meditations for Kids (2-12) and Teens (13+). Adults love them too!
  • Reboot Meditation to clear your energy field.
  • Monthly Meditation Tracker to plan and track your child's progress.
  • Online Portal with audio meditations.
  • Searchable titles.¬†



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  • Immediate access to¬†22 age-appropriate meditations for Kids and Teens.¬†
  • (7) Chakra Series Meditations for each energy center.
  • PDF Monthly¬†Meditation Tracker to track your child's progress.
  • Online Portal with searchable titles.¬†
  • BONUS: Mandala Workshop with artist Rabab Tantawy



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