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The First Curated Healing & Learning Platform For Spiritual Entrepreneurs.


LIVE Energy Healing and Coaching.

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Clear Your Blocks, Unlock Your Intuition, and Attract Your Soulmate Clients

LIVE Energy Healing

Access your highest alignment with Emily and the community during LIVE monthly channelled meditations.

Business Trainings

Learn how to blend spirituality and strategy with (3) incredible  trainings so you can grow your business.

Coaching & Mentoring

Accelerate your business with LIVE quarterly coaching calls with Emily and innovate your marketing, strategy, and mindset.

Here's How Mastery & Ascension Grows Your Business

Every month, you'll have unlimited access to:

Why Clear Your Energy?

Simply put...Your ENERGY is either working for you, or against you, and it could be negatively impacting your mental health.


Clear aligned energy = ūüíį¬†

Blocked¬†fearful energy = ūüėĶ


As an M&A member, you'll get:

  • Energy Healings¬†that are proven to¬†release your blocks, unlock your intuition, and attract clients. ūüíł

  • Business¬†Trainings¬†so you can build a strong foundation to success.¬†

  • Mentoring and Coaching¬†to give you support and clarity as you grow so you can manifest¬†your¬†dreams.

Now, you¬†can have it all, without having to sell¬†unicorn ūüí© on the black market!

(ūü¶Ą That means M&A is super affordable.)

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How Your Energy Affects Your Mental Health As An Entrepreneur:

72% struggle with depression and anxiety.

36% experience burnout.

54% are stressed by the fear of failure.

 Meditation is PROVEN to reduce stress (89%), improve sleep (69%), and feel better emotionally (86%).

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Mastery & Ascension is 

the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to get the healing & education you need to grow your spiritual business.

That face you make when you're getting a great deal:

Get exactly what you need to get into alignment and build a  business you love with 3 simple steps:

1. Experience The Power Of Live Healing Sessions!

2. Learn Practical Ways To Build A Successful Spiritual Business.

3. Attract Your Soulmate Clients And Abundance.

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What Mastery & Ascension Members Are Saying

"M&A is a constant reminder to come back to self. Great people to connect with!"
- Abbey Rose, member
"M&A is a part of my daily routine and I feel much more confident in creating a life and business that I love. I appreciate how the community has supported me in making positive changes in my life."
- Tonkea Wright, member
"The support and connection in the community is like nowhere else. The meditation library is amazing."
- Denice Martens, member
"M&A is a very fun membership! I love Emily and I'm obsessed with the monthly calls. They always align with exactly where I am at."
- Kaitlyn Nick, member
"Emily’s energy is an amazing balance of confidence and humbleness! You just don’t see that kind of authenticity! That’s why I’ve stayed a member for so long!"
- Rebecca Holman, member
"I have been able to reduce the stress. I was able to walk away from my job, I created a stronger intuitive ability, and my gifts as a medium have recently shown up! Emily is amazing and her meditations are life changing. 
- Sandra Priestley, member
"I feel stronger, really clear on what I'm here to do, and knowing myself better! I now show up 100% authentically in my business. The support is unreal!"
- Georgette Casimir, member
"My intuition has opened up 10x more than before that I can make sound and grounded decisions."
- Colleen Schroeder, member
"I wake up to reboot. It is one of the three tools that helps me reset my system!"
- Yasha Talaga, member
"I joined M&A after my mom passed, frankly I was lost .¬†Emily and this family has been helping me find my intuition and my sparkle/shine¬†ūü•į."
- Michele Molinski
"I love Mastery & Ascension! Emily provides great value and knows exactly what we need energy-wise as entrepreneurs. Love it!"
- Wendy Collier, member
"The meditation library helped me get past all those stuck places especially when I started my business. M&A has become such an integral part of my life and business"
- Carrie Hamm, member
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Align your energy so you can confidently share your gifts in the world!



LIVE Energy Healing

Master-level energy healing meditations delivered live every month so you can clear your money blocks, align to your highest self, and attract financial abundance.

Plus instant access to 200+ meditations, affirmations, journal prompts, and spiritual trainings so you can stay on your path all year long!

Spiritual Business Trainings

Finally get the education you've been missing, all 3 courses included for FREE! ($1,338 value)

1. Attract Financial Abundance Series ($394): My 2 BEST abundance trainings:

ūüíį Abundance Week:¬†5 Days of abundance teachings, meditations, and action steps!

ūüíį Manifesting More Abundance Masterclass:¬†60-Minutes dedicated to healing your abundance wounds hidden deep in your chakras and energy field.

2. Building Your Spiritual Business Course ($247: Unlock your intuition and confidence to build a business and life you love.

3. The Accelerated Path - DIY ($697): Learn my proven framework to get energetically aligned to grow your business faster and more efficiently. 

Annual Members get instant access. Monthly members get them drip-released one course every 3 months. 

Premium Coaching Upgrade ‚ú®

If you're ready to accelerate your business growth, this is an incredible opportunity to get (4 quarterly) LIVE small group coaching calls with me, Emily Aarons at a GREAT price!

My coaching style is a very unique blend of:

Energy clearing to help you get your system clear, aligned, and ready for your best work!

Business strategy to address how you're attracting new clients, creating irresistible offers, and making sales.  

Private Podcast

Enjoy meditations without needing to login, using our very own Private M&A Podcast. Each new meditation is added here for easy accessibility whether you're out for a walk or trying to fall asleep at night. The Private Podcast is easy and convenient! 

"Having a private podcast is a major selling point!" ~Tanya D.

Supportive Community

Gather and network in a judgement-free community with hundreds of like-minded coaches, healers, and aspiring spiritual leaders.

In Mastery & Ascension you'll have unlimited access to:

Your Energy Healer, Business Coach, & Mentor

Hi, I'm Emily Aarons, and its my mission to help outstanding practitioners grow successful businesses.

People regularly compliment me by saying "OMG I LOVE your energy!"

Aligning my energy to raise the level of consciousness in this world is literally my job.   

My specialty is blending SPIRITUALITY and STRATEGY‚Ķwhich makes me a unicorn! ūü¶Ą

I've spent decades learning and mastering healing, business strategies, and now I'm ready to share them with YOU!

The truth is, YOUR ENERGY is your strategic advantage to help you stand out in a saturated market!

Inside M&A, you can allow me to align your energy so you can focus on sharing your gifts in the world feeling more confident than ever!

You deserve to do what you love AND feel amazing while helping others!


Mastery & Ascension Has It All!

Every member. Every month. All year long!

  • LIVE Monthly Energy Healing + Channeled Forecast ($997 value per month)
  • LIVE Monthly Group Card Reading ($997 value per month)
  • 200+ Meditation Library¬†+ affirmations and journal prompts (Priceless!!)
  • Private Podcast (no log-in to listen)
  • (4) Quarterly Healing Session with IEA¬†Graduate ($788 value)¬†
  • Weekly Email Accountability (Priceless!)
  • Supportive Global Community + Facebook Group¬†(Priceless!)¬†


(4) Quarterly LIVE small group coaching calls with me, Emily Aarons so you can get the support and strategy to grow your spiritual business! ($3,988 value)


‚ú®Bonuses Include:

  • Exclusive Member-Only Discounts To Products, Programs, And Events¬†(Priceless!)
  • Premier Access To Student Practice Sessions - Trained By Emily In The Integrated Energy Alignment Program¬†(Priceless!)
  • (3) Parasite & Entity Removal with Tracy Gaudet ($197)
  • Akashic Record "Soul Book Healing" Meditations ($97 value)
  • Energy¬†Toolkit ($47 value)
  • Digital Journal ($11 value)
  • 2024 Karma Cleanse ($29 value)
  • (4) Quarterly LIVE 7-Day Events: Healing, hypnosis, wellness activities, daily activities, and more! ($8,000 value)
  • (3) On-Demand Spiritual Business Trainings (Drip-released for monthly) ($1,338 value)


Your Mastery & Ascension Membership is Valued OVER $38,888!!


Use coupon code "BEWELL50" at checkout to save 50% 

Basic Plan - Monthly


*Regularly $59!

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‚ú® Premium Coaching - Monthly


*Regularly $99!

Includes Basic Plan + quarterly coaching.

Premium Monthly >>

Basic Plan - Annual


*Regularly $597!

Save with annual billing!

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‚ú® Premium Coaching - Annual


*Regularly $997!

Save with annual billing!

Includes Basic Plan + quarterly coaching.

Premium Annual >>

All Annual Member Benefits:

*Basic & Premium get all the "Monthly" benefits, PLUS...

  • Save money every year.
  • On-Demand¬† Business Trainings are¬†immediately¬†available (not drip released).


As if the membership wasn't already exploding with value...I've added¬†extras worth over $9,379! ūü§Į

Exclusive Member-Only Discounts

M&A members get special pricing for products, programs, and events. 


Student Healing Sessions

Be one of the first to receive a private healing session from one of the IEA students who are training with Emily.


Parasite & Entity Removal 

Deep energy clearing with Tracy Gaudet to remove unwanted energies from your field. Instant relief from a bad day!

($197 value)

Akashic Records Soul Book Healings

Meditations designed to release energetic blocks from all lifetimes.

($97 value)

Energy Toolkit

Learn about the function of each chakra, the colors, the different sensations and how to keep them clear.

($47 value)

Digital Journal

Digital version of the Aligned & Unstoppable Journal. 

($11 value)

2024 New Year's Karma Cleanse

A 1-hour energy clearing and intention setting for the most abundant year. You can enjoy the replay all year long.

Normally $29. Included FREE! 

2024 My Most Abundant Year

(4) Quarterly LIVE 7-Day Events with expert trainings, hypnosis sessions, wellness activities, daily text messages, (and more) so you can unlock  ABUNDANCE in your life and business. 

JANUARY, BUSINESS ABUNDANCE WEEK: Intuitive planning and intention setting so you can prioritize your most abundant year.

APRIL, WELLNESS ABUNDANCE WEEK:  Reinvigorate! Refresh yourself and your brand so you can lead from your most abundant alignment.

JULY, ENERGY ABUNDANCE WEEK: Expand your capacity for an abundance of fun, pleasure, and joy to manifest your desires without burnout.

OCTOBER, ULTIMATE ABUNDANCE WEEK: Release what's holding you back and unlock new levels of abundance by deepening your spiritual practices. 

$8,000 value, included FREE!

Wicked Good Questions

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Being a part of M&A as well as completing the IEA certification program I have done a complete 180! There are SO many things in my life that have changed for the better; I have a better trust with myself and my intuition and abilities I didn’t even know I had. I have become better connected and plugged in.


- Shannon Major, member


I didn’t realize how powerful REAL energy work was until I found Emily and joined M&A. I had a lot of emotional and mental childhood trauma and doing my meditations and healing was so important to me. Working with my energy has really catapulted me into my next steps over the last couple of years and, I believe, truly helped me heal my fertility issues I was experiencing.


- Mackenzie Slonaker, member


I love the energy Emily brings to everything! Her sense of humour is just a bonus :) I‚Äôm definitely leaning more into my intuition & love being in a community where all things ‚Äėwoo‚Äô are just part of a normal day.


- Candice Jean, member