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Where Soul + Strategy Meet To Create Exponential Success In Your Business

The Accelerated Path is for coaches, healers, and leaders who want to take their business to the next level. Learn my proven framework to get energetically aligned to grow your business faster and more efficiently.


It's time to take the leap and discover how magnificent you are.


What's Included

3 Month Container

(6) 90-Minute RECORDED calls combining coaching, teaching, and energy healing. (Released on alternating weeks.) ($5,982 value)

Sacred Accountability

Post-call homework assignments to keep you focused on success, one step at a time. PLUS a $297 bonus is awarded upon completion! ($997 value)

Soul Aligned Growth

Learn proven strategies to grow your business quickly in your highest alignment.

I immediately sold a $3,000 package!

"After joining The Accelerated Path I immediately sold a $3,000 VIP package. The energy of the group, Emily, and this container is life-changing! Thank you for reminding me who I was born to be. I know I'm heading in the right direction."

Kristina Jensen - Transformational Coach

Is The Accelerated Path For Me?

Heck yeah, especially if you are a...

Coach, Healer, Leader, or Entrepreneur who is ready to make more money and a bigger impact in your business.

ABSO-f'in-LUTELY if you’re tired of second-guessing yourself or debating getting a “real job”. ūüöę

COACH: Health and wellness, life, relationship, mindset, fitness, business, fertility, aspiring to become one.

HEALER: Energy practitioner, Reiki, somatic, meditation, breath work, yoga, tarot/oracle cards, hair stylists (yup!)

LEADER: Visionaries, thought leaders, and folks who are on a mission to raise consciousness. 

ENTREPRENEUR: Online/offline "small" business owners wanting to help others.


What's In It For Me?!

The Accelerated Path is kind of like if a high-level mentorship and healing program had a baby! Basically, you're going to get EVERYTHING you've been dreaming of and MORE!!

Unlock Your Intuition

Tap into your intuition and get insights for growing your business each week.

Clear Your Energy Blocks

Every call includes energy clearing to get you aligned on your path.

Make More Money, Honey!

Learning to take aligned action you will make more money...if that's what you want.

Become A GD Unicorn!

It's YOUR time to shine and share your work. FINALLY, you'll be able to stand out in a saturated market and attract your soulmate clients!

What Are The Topics For The Calls?

Each 90-minute call is released on alternating weeks.

CALL #1: The Secret To Unshakable Commitment: So You Can Stop Wasting Precious Energy On Creating A “Plan B”

  • Program your subconscious mind to trust you’re on the right path
  • Connect with your ideal soulmate client
  • STOP depleting your energy and turning off potential clients
  • Release the negative voices in your head (including your loved ones)
  • Nix the "plan B' that makes you second-guess your calling

CALL 2:  Clear Your Fears Of Visibility and The Judgment Of Others

  • Uncover wounded aspects of yourself including; witch wounds, cellular memories, past life trauma, and generational curses 
  • Energetically clear and reclaim your sovereignty, pure joy, and highest potential
  • Allow your higher self to convey what you SHOULD be charging 

CALL 3: How To Get FULLY Booked So You Can Have Predictable Income

  • Create a framework for your dream schedule
  • Establish goals for income + impact
  • Utilize the magic of upsells and down-sells
  • Discover where you could be self-sabotaging

CALL 4: Overcome Money Blocks So You Can Stop Discounting and Underpricing Yourself

  • Receive a deep money block clearing
  • Connect with your highest potential and create a plan
  • Reevaluate current pricing and offers to see where you’re OUT of alignment

CALL 5#1 Mistake Coaches and Healers Are Making When Trying To Sell Their Services

  • Learn 5 creative ways to stand out in a saturated market
  • Develop an irresistible signature offer that keeps people coming back for more
  • Create messaging that sells without confusing your audience

CALL 6: Double Your Income Overnight With Integrity And Alignment (even in a downturn economy)

  • Connect with your audience with an offer they need, exactly at the right time
  • Never worry about being “too expensive” for people ever again
  • How to ride the ups and downs of entrepreneurship while staying true to your purpose

Is The Accelerated Path Right For Me?

It's FOR You If:

You're a coach, healer, leader, or entrepreneur (or an aspiring one) who wants to make more money and get better results for your clients.

You want reliable income every month!

You're ready to take your business growth seriously.

You enjoy blending spirituality and business.

You're craving accountability by peers who are dedicated to their work.

You're READY to transform your life spiritually and financially.

You BELIEVE your success is inevitable and you're READY to go all-in and invest in yourself.

It's NOT For You If:

You're happy doing healing for friends/family, and you don't want to make more impact or income.

You waste your money on online courses that you NEVER complete.

You don't like course work that stretches you energetically and intellectually.

You're really set in your ways, and don't like to ask questions or improve personally, or professionally.

People holding you accountable and helping you complete a program triggers you.

You're thinking "I can't afford it" instead of "HOW can I afford this".

You don't like puppies and unicorns. 

Emily reminded me of who I was!

"Investing in working with Emily was probably one of the best decisions I could have ever made for myself, for my business and for my family. What I got out of it was so much more than I ever could have envisioned! My business has grown exponentially!

Andréa Michel, Trauma Sensitive Coach,  Founder of The Global Center For Trauma Education

Results Worth Celebrating!

  • Feeling safe, grounded, and confident to be able to make the impact and money you‚Äôre craving.
  • Getting to¬†process¬†past trauma and heal generational curses.
  • Having a proven framework to building a profitable and sustainable coaching and healing business.

It's time for your dreams to become your reality.

My work is finally selling!

"I've been contacted for my FIRST EVER 2 painting commissions since starting this program!"

Candice Jean - Abstract Artist

Working with Emily has given me confidence!

"The course has given me confidence to make bold moves, advocate for myself, and connect with a broader audience to do what I love. Even though I'm in a totally different industry, the impact of the course has been tremendous on me."

Amie Kaplin - High-tech Consultant

$7,000 In Value, Payments Starting As Low As Just $187!


Pick Your Accelerated Path:



(6) Equal Monthly Installments

  • (6) Pre-recorded¬†trainings with Emily Aarons¬†($5,982 value)

  • Sacred Accountability - Post-call homework assignments to keep you focused on success, one step at a time ($997 value)
  • BONUS: Harness The Power of Your Subconscious Mind with my own Hypnotherapist, Kristin Dwan ($249 value)¬†
  • ‚ú®COMPLETION BONUS: Building a Spiritual Business Course ($297 value)


CLICK to SAVE $125 with Pay-in-full.




(6) Equal Monthly Installments

Includes everything in Basic, plus:

  • (6) Monthly LIVE coaching calls¬†with Emily Aarons¬†($5,982 value)


CLICK to SAVE $185 with Pay-in-full.



Total value $546, yours FREE with purchase.


Join my very own Hypnotherapist, Kristin Dwan in this pre-recorded 60-minute session to learn how to harness the power of your subconscious mind.

Normally $249, yours FREE!


When you complete The Accelerated Path you will unlock access to Building A Spiritual Business. This course teaches you how to unlock your intuition and confidence to build the business and life you love and has bonuses worth $1,627!

Normally $297, yours free!

5X’ing her business revenue doing what she loves

"I would 100% not have been able to be as visible, vocal and proud of what I have built if it were not for working with Emily."

Mary Sue - Studio Mary Sue

Your Instructor + Guide:

Hi, I'm Emily Aarons!

I began my healing career as a massage and Polarity therapist, and later as a yoga instructor.

Although I had advanced certifications, I always struggled to make income and impact.¬†Since 2016, I‚Äôve done a lot of personal growth and brought my healing work online and shifted OUT of the ‚Äúbroke healer‚ÄĚ identity¬†to¬†earn over 7-figures in my online business and impact the lives of 10's of thousands of entrepreneurs globally.

It’s my passion to help more aspiring healers, coaches, and transformational practitioners to use their spiritual gifts to grow their business.

In 23 years in business I've seen a LOT of outstanding healers struggle to make a living. I'm proud to co-create the "wealthy healer" paradigm with you!


"My new offerings are ready to go, now I'm ready to work with my website designer to make if official!"

Liz McHutcheon
Meditation Teacher

"I'm ready to spread my wings. LOVED this course!"

Vicky Kooyman

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions Before Joining The Accelerated Path?

If you don't find an answer to your question, please email our amazing customer care specialist, Shaunah at [email protected] and she'll be happy to help!

Calls will be released weekly, with the first call being available immediately when you purchase, so you can get started straight away!

The "Basic" DIY version of The Accelerated Path does not come with coaching. If you choose to UPGRADE to the program with Monthly Coaching, it would be an additional $100 per month for 6 months.

There are 6, 90-minute calls spread across the length of this program (6 months). There will be homework included in each session, so we recommend you dedicate 2 hours a week (including the calls) to get the most out of it. Remember, this is to help you create exponential success in your business. Everything you implement helps you to do that!

If you want to learn how to combine strategy and soul to build a profitable, sustainable and joyful business, this is for you, even if you are starting from scratch! In some ways, it's even better because you will be starting with the best foundation possible!

If you consistently implement what I teach you and are open to being coachable, you will have success - it's as simple as that! I’ve been using the exact steps I'm going to teach you in my business for over a decade and have built a 7 figure business doing that. It's what I've taught my private clients and mastermind members and when they implement, they see results. It's that predictable!

While this program is geared towards coaches and healers, if you have an online business, you will be able to implement what I teach to get energetically aligned to grow your business (in any industry) faster and more efficiently.

You will get access to Kristin's bonus, Theory of Mind straight away and Building A Spiritual Business when you complete The Accelerated Path. 


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