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The first private podcastĀ for coaches, healers, and leaders.Ā 

The Spiritual Business Sessions are creating a whole new category of learning for spiritual entrepreneurs who are eager toĀ help others, but don't know where to start.

Each bi-weekly session will progressively build on the next, kind of like a course that'sĀ releasedĀ at a pace that works for you.

Bottom line, these sessions are designed to help you take action and build a plan so you can attract more clients and make more money.


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Every sessionĀ you will discover:

Step-by-stepĀ adviceĀ to help you grow fast and efficiently without burning you out.

Ways to harness your energy and intuition toĀ believe in yourself and stay committed!

Hot trends that are working (and what's not).

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Hi, I'm Emily!

I'mĀ a renowned energy healer. business coach, and leading educator to spiritual entrepreneurs. With over two decades of experience blending energy and business,Ā I'veĀ helpedĀ tens of thousands of people from all over the globe build a successful business. It's my honor and passionĀ toĀ set the gold standard for the healing and coaching industry.Ā 

My entrepreneur journey started at the age of 22 with my first wellness center. Since then, I'veĀ innovated my healing business from a small brick-n-mortar to a million dollar online healing and learningĀ company. I always say, "if I can do this, you can too!"Ā 

Now, the Spiritual Business Sessions Podcast is giving entrepreneurs everywhere an opportunity to accessĀ my wisdom and expertiseĀ at an affordable price!

I guarantee you'll learn something new in every single session.

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Nicola C.

I appreciate the Spiritual Business Sessions Podcast!

I have been looking for a way to understand the process to shift my business to an on line business. I was really looking for a strategy and now I have you and your podcast to help me move in the right direction with the right help!

Jeanne C.

I've been LOVING these sessions.

I feel so empowered and know exactly what to do now! I can finally get some momentum!