$27.00 USD

Fulfilling Your Purpose Pack

Fulfilling Your Purpose Pack includes meditations from September 2022 Intuition Month including:

- Releasing Overthinking Meditation

- Clearing Energy To Meet Your Guides

- Step Into Your Power

- I'm A Manifesting Machine Meditation

- Connecting With Your Higher Self Meditation

What People Are Saying:

I went from a 3 to a 9 and my pain is gone! Woah! So emotional. Amazing!

Lacey T.

I felt the energy move to my neck and shoulders and release. Feeling more at peace than ever before.

Sue V.

I worked through my next project. I saw myself create it! Magical! My guide directed me to materials. So amazing. Thank you!

Katrina G.

Tears just flowed. Wow thank you so much.

Michele M.