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IEA Initiation

The 3-step plan to unlock your intuition, attract clients, and grow your coaching or healing business.


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Create the safest healing environment where you can produce BETTER RESULTS for your clients, and they keep coming back for more!


Unlock your intuition to get specific messages for your clients that add value so you can increase your prices with confidence!


Structure your sessions so that your clients receive the highest value and you can stop second-guessing your abilities as a practitioner.

IEA is a down-to-earth approach to creating a profitable healing business. 

"I just am so grateful for you, the certification and the space you have created. You have brought together such an amazing group of women and have created such an open and trusting environment that allows for people to become open, vulnerable and confident in their intuition and growing in their gifts. It's such a special thing you have created and I just feel so blessed to be part of it"

Melissa Thallemer
IEA Graduate

15+ Videos

15+ videos, 4 modules, quizzes, and more.

Create A Safe Container

Immediately apply the coursework to create a sacred container for all your work. 

Attract Soulmate Clients

You will be given all the tools to attract your soulmate clients from day 1!

Is IEA Initiation Right For You?

It's FOR You If:

You're a coach, healer, or spiritual leader (or aspire to be) who wants to get better results for your clients.

You're ready to commit to yourself and your business on a higher level.

You've always wanted to blend spirituality and business.

You're READY to transform your life spiritually and financially.

You're READY to get rid of the "plan b" and go all-in and invest in yourself.

It's NOT For You If:

You're happy doing healing for friends/family, and you don't want to make more impact or income.

You don't like course work that stretches you energetically and intellectually.

You're really set in your ways, and don't like to ask questions or improve personally, or professionally.

You don't like puppies or unicorns.


Full Module Descriptions

In Month 1, you will learn how to build the foundation you need to be a successful practitioner


  • How to clear space
  • How to set up a sacred container
  • How to protect your energy when in session with a client
  • Why cord removal (and NOT cutting) is most effective for your client
  • How to set an intention so that your client has the most powerful session possible
  • How to receive and interpret messages from Spirit
  • Increasing your intuition so that you trust what you are receiving and can deliver this confidently to your client
  • Connecting with specific guides and angels


  • How we receive information through our different Clairs 
  • Automatic writing and channeling for your clients
  • How to do powerful card readings for your clients
  • How to clear and program your crystals
  • Special guided meditation from me where you receive messages and healing from your own crystals! 
  • The 7 important crystals to work with
  • Connecting with plant and animal guides


  • How to structure a healing session so your client feels safe and you feel calm and ready to deliver
  • How and when to share (and when not to share!) what comes up with your client 
  • Example client session from yours truly!

MODULE 4: Integration Week

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Begin Module 1 today!

New modules released weekly.


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IEA Is Setting A New Standard For Practitioners

Become a healer, build a profitable business, learn an exceptional code of ethics, and live from your highest purpose.

Our mission is to shift the healing industry so millions of outstanding practitioners know how to create a sustainable and profitable business.

Your Instructor, Emily Aarons

I began my healing career as massage and Polarity therapist, and later as a yoga instructor.

Although I had advanced certifications, I always struggled to make income and impact. Since 2016, I’ve done a lot of personal growth and brought my healing work online and shifted OUT of the “broke healer” identity to earn over 7-figures in my online business and impact the lives of 10's of thousands of entrepreneurs globally.

It’s my passion to help more aspiring healers, coaches, and transformational practitioners to use their spiritual gifts to grow their business.

Amanda Pickering, Chief Operations Officer 

Amanda has an extensive background in growing businesses from establishing a dozen homeless shelters to growing her own nutritional counseling practice. In addition, she has supported online business owners with the extensive systems and processes to grow and scale at ease.

In the inception of IEA, she managed the fine details inside the program. As we've grown, Amanda has also assisted in creating the IEA Coach Training Program to ensure all students are held accountable for completing the full certification.

As COO, Amanda is an integral part of bringing my vision of positively impacting millions to life with the highest level of love and integrity. 

Why Start Initiation Now?

"IEA is an amazing opportunity to learn from someone with so much experience & knowledge in the field of energy healing. "

Allison Dellatore
Soul Level Intuitive Coach & Akashic Record Practitioner

"IEA is helping me transition into my new path for work."

Melissa Thallemer
Chief Transformation Officer + Mental Health Councilor

"This is my time now to share with the world and make the difference."

Carla Miller
Hair Stylist & Tarot Reader

"The timing seems perfect! I’m ready to start working with people in ways that will help them the most."

Mindy Deane
Life Coach

"I'm ready to be the light in the dark for someone who needs it."

Shannon Miller
Forensic Healer

"I want to help people find and reveal their light and help free them from the stress, anxieties, and expectations from society."

Jamie LiCausi
Scientist + Part-time Lash/Brow Consultant

Other Healing Modalities vs IEA

"IEA is really the umbrella that reiki would fall under. IEA is far more in-depth." ~Ann, a Reiki practitioner

Other certifications...

  • Can be completed in a weekend  - IEA is focused on practical and experiential learning (not a quick fix).
  • Give you a certificate and NO business training - IEA teaches advanced energy healing AND business strategy from day 1.
  • Don't get you clients - IEA does! (We literally promote you to hundreds of M&A members and half of these sessions are paid!). 
  • Other practitioners have an earning cap - IEA practitioners are able to confidently charge a premium for their advanced skillset. (And they begin charging for practice sessions within 2 months of training).

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, that's great!! The process for upgrading is to email [email protected] for an application form and if accepted your investment for Initiation will be credited towards the full certification.

Typically we start January and July cohorts. Spaces are limited for the full IEA certification so make sure to get on the waitlist so you will be the first to know when enrollment is open! 

On average, each module (which is released weekly) is around 90 minutes of teaching. There are also OPTIONAL practice sessions. We recommend about 2 hours per week in order to complete the training in a month.

We have built in an integration week at the end of the month which gives you space to catch up on any content you've missed, revisit teachings and complete your practice sessions. 

YES! Many of our current students have full time jobs (or other commitments) and are able to work the certification around their lives.


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