Integrated Energy Alignment Certification

Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Training

Next intake starts: June 2024!
The first and only energy-based training with a profit guarantee*.
"It's like an energetic MBA!" ~Liz M.
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‚ėĎÔłŹ Wanted to take your spiritual practice deeper to better understand intuition and healing?

‚ėĎÔłŹ Felt like you weren't reaching your full financial potential as a practitioner?

‚ėĎÔłŹ¬†Dreamt of helping others¬†on their healing journey?¬†


You could spend the next six months being overwhelmed by what to do next, OR you could learn the IEA framework for success and finally...

Become confident in yourself as a practitioner.

Understand how to build a successful and sustainable business.

Share your gifts and live your most joyful abundant life.



There are far too many outstanding practitioners who are...

  • The best kept secret to healing
  • Worried about their next paycheck (while simultaneously undervaluing themselves)
  • Uneducated about business strategy, let alone growth¬†



I spent the better part of 15 years struggling as a practitioner, earning more certifications, and NEVER getting anywhere...

UNTIL, I prayed for a miracle that led me to bring my healing work online and to the masses.

Combining my vast healing experience and business skills utterly changed everything for me.

I've been able to successfully innovate my healing practice to build a global community and raise consciousness online.



ūüôŹ Feel SAFE doing what we love.

ūü•į STOP HIDING our gifts, our voice, and our wisdom.

ūüôĆ Raise the bar of INTEGRITY within the coaching and healing industry.



NOW, with the Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Training, we're building a brighter future for practitioners globally for profitability, sustainability, and impact.

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I’ve already earned over $2K!

The work in IEA not only sets you up to be an IEA Certified practitioner but it’s also supported me in my current career as an educational leader.  At the beginning of the program, I was definitely looking at the certification as either a side hustle or a hobby. Now that I am moving through the program, I have clarity on what the viable possibilities are for my career path. 

I had to work through the fear of being seen for who I really was and not what people expected me to be. I also had to work through worthiness and accepting the fact that I am worthy of receiving an income for a gift that I have and I’m worthy of charging a price that I believe is my value.

The first month I made  $350. This month I am projected to make $1020.  December, I would project $1040.

-Colleen Schroeder

More Than A Certification

IEA stands alone in it's level of integrity, support, and experiential learning.

Healing Skillset

Access deeper intuition, hone your healing gifts, and articulate the transformation in your offer.


Blend energy + business and organize a plan to attract more clients and money that feels aligned to your spiritual path.


Develop resiliency and confidence as you navigate the high's and lows of growing your business.

IEA is a down-to-earth approach to creating a profitable healing business. 

"I just am so grateful for you, the certification and the space you have created. You have brought together such an amazing group of women and have created such an open and trusting environment that allows for people to become open, vulnerable and confident in their intuition and growing in their gifts. It's such a special thing you have created and I just feel so blessed to be part of it"

Melissa Thallemer
IEA Graduate + Coach

6 month container

20 modules, Monthly Q&A Calls, Monthly Student Practice Clinics, and Weekly LIVE Support from IEA Coaches.

Guaranteed Clients

Get clients right away through our own directory full of hundreds of people eager for your support!

Build a Profitable Business

Whether you have a business yet or not, you will be given all the tools to build a profitable business from day 1!


Experiential learning + REAL clients + problem solving = creating a profitable business  

20 Teaching Modules

Full details below.

Weekly Email Updates

Check-ins with Team Emily to keep you on track.

Private Facebook Community

Dedicated group for peer and coach support.

Monthly Progress Reports

Accountability for your progress, practice sessions, and more.

Dedicated IEA Coach

Small cohort hosted by IEA graduate + trained coach.


Your IEA Coach is also a graduate! They will give you more individualized attention and support than ever before!


Through working with Emily, Jamie discovered and aligned with her calling. In addition to practicing energy alignment and building her own business, Jamie also works full time as a forensic scientist for Westchester County, New York.
Through her work, Jamie empowers people-pleasers, overachievers, and perfectionists to reclaim their personal power to live with ease, pleasure, and abundance.


Melissa leverages her experience as a leader in the business sector, and as a national board certified counselor and combines it with intuition and energy work to support others to find balance, alignment and presence in the corporate environment.  She lives in St. Johns, Florida with her husband, three sons, dog and cat. She loves spending time with family, being outdoors, music, reading and running. 


Shannon works in the medical field as well as owning a herbal and energy healing business. She helps business owners regain a purposeful clarity on their goals and life decisions. Combining her skills is truly rewarding for her. She grew up in Richmond Hill, Georgia but currently lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

Each coach will be working with a maximum of 8 students and will support you with:

  • A private community separate to the main Facebook Group
  • Weekly¬†Support Calls
  • Give you feedback on your practice sessions
  • Bi-monthly check-in calls to help you integrate, process and ask questions
  • Be your support system throughout the entire program
Watch FREE Info Session!

Free clients turned into paying ones!

I enrolled in IEA because I have been doing energy work intuitively for quite some time and I wanted a clearer understanding of why and how the work I do is so effective. I believed my business could be profitable with the right mentorship and tools, so that's why I was drawn to IEA.

I taught ballet and Pilates and I'm still very active, I am Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, and I am a Certified Hypnotherapist. Learning IEA energy healing has been fantastic because I can use ALL of my skills to help my clients achieve total health - mind, body, and spirit.

Offering free sessions at first allowed me to increase my client base - I connected with so many new, beautiful souls! Many of them booked additional sessions with me even when I started charging because they saw the value in the results they received. My email list has grown by nearly 50 people and I've brought in $1,147 and will bring in at least $800 more by the end of the program.

-Cristina Moidel

*IEA is very much like a college level course. You must complete the full program within the 6-month container to earn your certificate.

We have an outstanding team of experts dedicated to holding you accountable to COMPLETING this training and creating the life and business of your dreams.

If you're not ready to commit to completing this program, please wait to enroll or consider joining IEA Initiation.

Is IEA Right For You?

It's FOR You If:

You're a practitioner, (or an aspiring one) who wants to get better results for your clients.

You're ready to commit to yourself and your business on a higher level.

You're craving accountability and peers who take their soul work seriously.

You're READY to transform your life spiritually and financially.

You're READY to get rid of the "plan b" and go all-in and invest in yourself.

It's NOT For You If:

You're happy doing healing for friends/family, and you don't want to make more impact or income.

You don't like course work that stretches you energetically and intellectually.

You're really set in your ways, and don't like to ask questions or improve personally, or professionally.

People holding you accountable and helping you complete a program triggers you.

You don't like puppies and unicorns. 

IEA helps you develop skills + traits of success like problem-solving and resilience.


In Month 1, you will learn how to build the foundation you need to be a successful practitioner


  • How to clear space
  • How to set up a sacred container
  • How to protect your energy when in session with a client
  • Why cord removal (and NOT cutting) is most effective for your client
  • How to set an intention so that your client has the most powerful session possible
  • How to receive and interpret messages from Spirit
  • Increasing your intuition so that you trust what you are receiving and can deliver this confidently to your client
  • Connecting with specific guides and angels


  • How we receive information through our different Clairs 
  • Automatic writing and channeling for your clients
  • How to do powerful card readings for your clients
  • How to clear and program your crystals
  • Special guided meditation from me where you receive messages and healing from your own crystals! 
  • The 7 important crystals to work with
  • Connecting with plant and animal guides


  • How to structure a healing session so your client feels safe and you feel calm and ready to deliver
  • How and when to share (and when not to share!) what comes up with your client 
  • Example client session from yours truly!

MODULE 4: Integration Week

Practice session requirements: 10, 10 minute sessions 

In month 2, we go deep into the individual chakras and what they look like when they are in balance, overactive or underactive and what to do about it when this comes up for your clients. This will really increase your confidence when a variety of different emotions, memories and thoughts come up for your clients.


  • Learn the anatomy of the human energy field in a way you've never heard it described before
  • Crown Chakra
  • Third Eye Chakra


  • Throat Chakra
  • Heart Chakra


  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra


Practice session requirements: 8, 20 minute sessions 

In month 3, we really start to deepen your practice, and you start to do 30-minute sessions and charge for them! This is when you will likely feel yourself gaining confidence and you learn more about the human energy centers and so much more!


  • Root Chakra
  • The 7 Auric layers
  • 6 typical energy problems your clients might experience
  • The colors associated with auras and the different meanings behind them
  • How to protect your aura
  • The Ida and Pingala
  • Methods of awakening Kundalini energy


  • Removing cords
  • Clearing energy systems
  • The different elements of the chakra system 
  • Highest Female/Male


  • Akashic Records

Practice session requirements: 8, 30 minute sessions 

While you are still learning a lot about the energy work you will continue to practice, month 4 shifts the focus on to business growth. This will help you not only as an IEA Practitioner but in any other modalities you practice.


  • How to heal the inner child WITH your client
  • How to heal the inner child WITHOUT your client
  • What are sub-personalities and how to help your client address this
  • The 3 types of entity sources and how to identify if they are giving or depleting energy
  • The 4 types of entities and signs someone may have an entity


  • Shifting into a profit mindset
  • How to record and sell meditations
  • How to hold group healing sessions 
  • Why understanding your niche is so important to your business success
  • Committing to being of service

Practice session requirements: 8, 40 minute sessions 

In month 5, we are really honing in on your specific niche, reaching your soulmate client and bringing more of your uniqueness to the forefront of your healing style and business.


  • Creating a social media presence and community
  • Connecting with your soulmate client 
  • Posting with a purpose



  • Creating opt-ins that get your soulmate client on your email list
  • Growing an email list to bulletproof your business and build revenue
  • Strategic messaging to build trust and authority with your audience
  • Creating an elevator pitch, so you can share what you do succinctly with anyone that asks


  • How to get FULLY BOOKED 
  • How to optimize your visibility 
  • My unique soulmate client attraction method
  • The 7 pricing mistakes and how to fix them
  • How to stop self sabotaging when it comes to pricing your services
  • Strategies that WORK
  • How to stand out in a saturated market
  • How to create ascension models for your clients 
  • The different sales conversation models

Practice session requirements: 8, 60 minute sessions 


Month 6 is the culmination of all your work. You'll be doubling your rates, doing 60 minute practice sessions and building a sustainable healing business.


  • Guest expert Deb Laflamme takes you through marketing to your soulmate client and her 4 step content planning process which is beautifully aligned with the phases of the moon/your cycle


  • Quantum growth and expansion for your business
  • Launching products and services
  • My 10-phase launch plan that I've used to have multiple 6-figure launches
  • How to create a podcast (from someone who has had over 500,000 downloads!)
  • Creating a Membership and whether it's right for you
  • Creating a Group Healing Circle
  • Building a team and the different options available when it comes to hiring

IEA Students Get FULLY Booked!

We love celebrating the success of our students...

I’m fully booked with paying clients!!

What drew me to IEA was the word energy. Each time I saw a post or email about the program, the word energy would jump out at me. I felt called to do this program to understand and learn more about energy work and how this work could enhance the work I do with my meditation clients. What I came to realize was I was already practicing some of this work, I just didn't understand that I was clairvoyant. 

This amazing program allowed me to give a voice and words to more of my true gifts and for that I am grateful. Since the start I have called this program the Energetic MBA. That is exactly what it is. Business + energy = Energetic MBA.

Since starting the program I have been fully booked with 1-1 clients through the end of 2023 which also includes increasing my revenue.

I highly recommend this program.

-Liz McHutcheon


When you join IEA, you are receiving well over $20,000 in value! NEW 18-Month extended payment option available on application.

18-Month Payment Plan


OR PAY-IN-FULL $6,497, SAVE $1,297!

  • 6 Months Of Support ($5,997 value)
  • 20 Module Course ($4,997 value)
  • Weekly Email Updates and Check-ins ($997 value)
  • Dedicated Community (priceless!)
  • Monthly Student Progress Reports ($997 value)
  • Dedicated IEA Coach ($3,000 value)


  • 6 months of access to Mastery¬†& Ascension¬†($294 value)
  • Practice Sessions (22 hours)
  • Monthly Q&A Call with Emily ($3,000 value)
  • Monthly Student Clinic with Emily ($3,000 value)
  • Weekly Support call with IEA Coach ($3,000)
  • Bonus Interviews¬†
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18-Month Payment Plan


OR PAY-IN-FULL $9,997, SAVE $2,000!

Includes Entire Online IEA Certification PLUS:

Meet Emily, team, and coaches for a 3-day immersive retreat.

At the retreat you'll get individualized attention to create a clear and actionable business growth plan for the year ahead. 

Learn Advanced Energy Training:

  • Hands-on healing
  • Craniosacral
  • Advanced pendulum work
  • Aura reading
  • Business planning
  • Sound bath healing
  • SPECIAL surprises!¬†
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"This certification is jam packed with content and the support is next level. I appreciated Emily’s ability to nurture me while pushing me out of my comfort zone. It was through these moments that allowed me to take action & push through things that have been holding me back."

Millie Barra
IEA Graduate + Life Coach

IEA Is Setting A New Standard For Practitioners

Become a healer, build a profitable business, learn an exceptional code of ethics, and live from your highest purpose.




ūüíú Support Like You Dream About! ūüíú

There's simply NOTHING like being part of the IEA community.

Our mission is to shift the healing industry so that millions of outstanding practitioners know how to create a sustainable and profitable business.

Your Instructor, Emily Aarons

I began my healing career as massage and Polarity therapist, and later as a yoga instructor.

Although I had advanced certifications, I always struggled to make income and impact. Since 2016, I’ve done a lot of personal growth and brought my healing work online and shifted OUT of the “broke healer” identity to earn over 7-figures in my online business and impact the lives of 10's of thousands of entrepreneurs globally.

It’s my passion to help more aspiring healers, coaches, and transformational practitioners to use their spiritual gifts to grow their business.

Amanda Pickering, COO of Emily Aarons LLC

Amanda has an extensive background in growing businesses from establishing a dozen homeless shelters to growing her own nutritional counseling practice. In addition, she has supported online business owners with the extensive systems and processes to grow and scale at ease.

In the inception of IEA, she managed the fine details inside the program. As we've grown, Amanda has also assisted in creating the IEA Coach Training Program to ensure all students are held accountable for completing the full certification.

As COO, Amanda is an integral part of bringing my vision of positively impacting millions to life with the highest level of love and integrity.



Other Healing Modalities vs IEA

 Most certifications...

  • Can be completed in a weekend¬† - IEA is focused on practical and experiential learning (not a quick fix).
  • Give you NO business training - IEA teaches advanced energy healing¬†AND¬†business strategy from¬†day 1.
  • Don't¬†get you clients - IEA does! (We literally promote you to hundreds of M&A members and half of these sessions are paid!).¬†
  • Other practitioners have an earning cap -¬†IEA practitioners are able to confidently charge a premium for their advanced skillset. (And they begin charging for practice sessions within 2 months of training).

With so many HAPPY students, we wanted to have a page just to share their beautiful stories!

Click to see more testimonials for IEA.

More IEA Love Here! ‚ô•ÔłŹ

I earned money within the first month!

After practicing Acupuncture for nearly two decades, I was looking to transition from a conventional brick-and-mortar practice to a more flexible distance practice that would enable me to explore the world and plan for my eventual retirement.  

Despite having worked with various business coaches and certifications previously, Emily's program resonated with me like no other.

I took the leap and enrolled, and the rest, as they say, is history. This program not only equipped me with a powerful healing modality that blends seamlessly with Acupuncture, but it also provided me with valuable insights into how to strategize and market this as an online business. And, as an added bonus, this is the only program I have encountered that requires you to charge for practice sessions, which brought in a nice amount of income just in the first month!

On a personal level, the IEA program has brought about a profound transformation in my life. For the first time in many years, I feel spiritually, emotionally, and physically aligned, thanks to the holistic approach and teachings offered by Emily and her program. It has been a remarkable journey, both professionally and personally, and I'm grateful for the positive changes it has brought into my life and business. The support from Emily, our coaches, and our group is unparalleled.  Even if you only have the slightest amount of interest in the program, I highly recommend you join! It is worth it!!!

-Adina Robinson

Frequently Asked Questions

The profit guarantee refers to the fact that within the certification our students are regularly promoted to interested customers. They are also required to begin charging for their sessions as well as increase their rates at a  certain point. 

The Integrated Energy Alignment certification teaches how to do this and supports our students. Whereas most modalities, including Reiki, only teach the healing work, they don't get you clients, nor do they teach you the complexities of growing a business that's NOT 100% reliant on trading your time for money.

*Results will vary depending on your experience, commitment to building your business, market conditions and other factors outside of our control.

✅ Complete The Info Session Form

✅ Watch The Info Session

‚úÖ Book Your 10-Minute Interview

‚úÖ Complete Your Payment (or start payment plan)

✅ Onboarding - Begin access to Facebook Group and dedicated coach

✅ Welcome Call - Introduction and welcome call for all students.

‚úÖ First Module Drops - March 2024

There's always the option to join our Initiation Program to get the first Month of IEA. You can apply/upgrade to the full program at a later time. The process for upgrading is to email [email protected] for an application form and if accepted your investment for Initiation will be credited towards the full certification.

June 2024. Apply now as spaces are limited!

During your 6 month certification, you will have the support of my team and me through:

  • Monthly Q&A sessions with Emily
  • Monthly Student Practice Clinics with Emily
  • Weekly IEA Coaching Support Call
  • A dedicated online Facebook community¬†where you can get to know the other students in your cohort, share experiences and ask questions
  • Monthly student progress reports to keep you on track.
  • ¬†Dedicated coach to give support for you and a small cohort.

Our biggest desire is to ensure you complete the requirements and earn your certification so you can build a profitable business - you will never feel alone!

On average, each module (which is released weekly) is around 90 minutes of teaching. There are two calls a month - one Q&A (60 minutes) and one student clinic (90 minutes). There are also practice sessions which need to be completed so we recommend 2-3 hours a week on average. 

We have built in an integration week at the end of each month with no teaching modules which gives you space to catch up on any content you've missed, revisit teachings and complete your practice sessions. 

YES! Mostly all of our current students have full time jobs (or other commitments) and are able to work the certification around their lives.

We host 2 live calls a month with Emily: The live Q&A Call and Student Clinic. It is a certification requirement to attend 5 out of 6 Q&A Calls and 5 out of 6 Student Clinics in their entirety during the course of your certification.

All calls are on Fridays at 1pm ET.

Plus weekly LIVE support calls with IEA Coach.



To certify as an IEA Practitioner, students need to:
  • Submit and receive feedback on one practice session a month.
  • Attend 5 out of 6 Q&A Calls in their entirety. Submit a missed call form if one call is missed.
  • Attend 5 out of 6 Student Clinics in their entirety. Submit a missed call form if one call is missed.
  • Attain 22 Energy Healing hours (unpaid AND paid) and submit completed forms for each session (Verification, Client Release and Feedback).
  • Complete all modules and assessments within the IEA programs area. 
  • Have no outstanding financial obligations to Emily Aarons

That depends! Are you making the impact and income you really want to?

Do you want to learn my specific energy healing modality?

Do you want to complete a certification that actually has a profit guarantee built into it?

Then yes, this is for you!

The retreat is 4 days of business and advanced energy healing training. You'll get individualized attention from Emily and Amanda so that you have an actionable, sustainable and profitable business plan for the rest of the year. 

The price of the retreat includes lunch, light refreshments and snacks.

Flights and accommodation are not included. 

Yes! You can do so anytime during your certification, however, spaces are limited so it will depend on availability at the time you choose to upgrade.


As an IEA Practitioner in training, you are agreeing to the following commitments:

  • I commit to showing up to all calls with clean and clear energy and being present for the entirety of the call with my camera switched on, prepared and ready to participate.¬†
  • I commit to fulfilling all the certification requirements, understanding that if I miss more calls than permitted, I will need to make them up at a rate of $100 per session along with the next cohort of students. I understand that I will not be able to certify until I have met all certification requirements.
  • I understand that if I dispute a payment directly with my financial institution for any reason, then I will incur a $500 admin fee per payment disputed.
  • I understand that even though I will receive support from the IEA team, it is still my sole responsibility to ensure that I complete all modules, quizzes, assignments and practice sessions on time.
  • I commit to being proactive and communicating with the IEA team if I need extra support.
  • I understand that the IEA Certification is going to push and challenge me and I commit to being ready and available for the challenge, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.¬†¬†
  • I understand that if I choose to leave the program, there are no refunds and if I am on a payment plan, I am still liable for making all remaining payments. I also understand that if I don‚Äôt stay in integrity with the program, and its requirements, I may be asked to leave, I will not receive a refund, and I will still be liable for making any remaining payments.
  • I understand that if I do not complete the certification requirements within the container of the program (6 months), I will need to pay $399 to have another month's extension and any further extensions will incur a further $399 fee per month.¬†
  • I commit to keeping everything that is shared within the program confidential. This refers to but is not limited to the course material, practice sessions with students and clients and live Q&A and Student Clinic Calls.
  • I understand that I am not permitted to use the term ‚ÄėIEA Coach‚Äô or ‚ÄėIntegrated Energy Alignment Coach‚Äô or any combination of these terms until I am fully qualified and have been awarded my certification of completion for the IEA Certification Program.
  • When working with practice clients whether paid or unpaid, I commit to ensuring that they are aware that I am an IEA student in training and have not certified yet.
  • I commit to completing this IEA Practitioner Training Program in its entirety.¬†

Yes! The IEA Practitioner Training has a limited number of scholarships available for people who are queer, trans, non-binary, Black, Indigenous, person of color, or disabled. You will receive 20% off the investment of the program available for all payment options. 

When you fill out the application form there is an option to indicate that you are applying for a partial scholarship.

No! It's 100% yours! What we do is promote you for free to hundreds of ideal clients, but they book and pay directly with you!

YES! When you graduate, you receive both a paper certificate and a virtual one with logos that you are a certified practitioner that you can use on your website or in any other marketing materials.

No problem! Take the IEA Certification Quiz to find out which path is best for you!

We understand this is a big decision. If you have more questions, you can email Shaunah at [email protected]¬†and she'll be able to answer all your questions!¬†¬†

Mastery & Ascension Membership is the ONLY Sacred Space For Spiritual Entrepreneurs To Receive Master-Level Energy Healing. 

Here's what's included: 

  • LIVE Monthly Energy Healing + Channeled Forecast 

  • LIVE Monthly Group Reading

  • Meditation Vault with 200+ Meditations, Mini-Masterclass, Workshops, and More!

  • Reboot Energy Clearings

  • PDF Spiritual Alignment Guide 


  • M&A Member Business Directory 

  • Weekly Email Accountability

  • Supportive Global Community + Facebook Group

  • Private Podcast  

We invite all graduates to become IEA Coaches. It's a great way to deepen your healing work and become a leader in this certification. All coaches are paid and also featured on my website!


Alternatively, we've just rolled out a 12-month mentorship program called The Spiritual Business Incubator which is a sacred 12-month container for coaches, healers, lightworkers, conscious entrepreneurs and aspiring spiritual leaders to learn how to blend SOUL + STRATEGY so you can finally see your dreams become a reality.

Please email [email protected] for more information.


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