Integrated Energy Alignment Certification

Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Training

The first and only energy-based training with a profit guarantee.

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IEA is a down-to-earth approach to creating a profitable healing business.

"I just am so grateful for you, the certification and the space you have created. You have brought together such an amazing group of women and have created such an open and trusting environment that allows for people to become open, vulnerable and confident in their intuition and growing in their gifts. It's such a special thing you have created and I just feel so blessed to be part of it"

Melissa Thallemer

5 month container

20 modules, Monthly Q&A Calls, and Monthly Student Practice Clinics 

Guaranteed Clients

Get clients right away through our own directory full of hundreds of people eager for your support!

Build a Profitable Business

Whether you have a business yet or not, you will be given all the tools to build a profitable business from day 1!


IEA is committed to creating an experiential learning environment that includes having REAL clients and creating a profitable business.
  • 20 Teaching Modules designed to get you (and keep you) booked consistently
  • Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Monthly Student Practice Clinics
  • Weekly Email Updates and Check-ins
  • Dedicated Circle Community to interact with other students
  • Student progress reports every month to keep you on track
  • Business and marketing skills built-in 
*IEA is very much like a college level course. You must complete the full program within the 5-month container to earn your certificate.
We have an outstanding team of experts dedicated to holding you accountable to COMPLETING this training and creating the life and business of your dreams. 
If you're not ready to commit to completing this program, please wait to enroll.

Is IEA Right For You?

It's FOR You If:

You're a health or wellness practitioner, coach, or transformational healer (or an aspiring one) who wants to get better results for your clients.

You want your business to become more profitable. (YES, reliable income every month!)

You're ready to commit to yourself and your business on a higher level.

You've always wanted to blend spirituality and business.

You're craving accountability and peers who take their soul work seriously.

You're READY to transform your life spiritually and financially.

You're READY to get rid of the "plan b" and go all-in and invest in yourself.

It's NOT For You If:

You prefer to waste your money on online courses that you NEVER complete.

You don't like course work that stretches you energetically and intellectually.

You're happy with your "little hobby" business, and you don't care to make an impact or higher income.

You're really set in your ways, and don't like to ask questions or improve personally, or professionally.

People holding you accountable and helping you complete a program triggers you.

You don't like puppies and unicorns. 

You're thinking "I can't afford it" instead of "HOW can I afford this".


IEA Is Setting A New Standard For Practitioners

Become a healer, build a profitable business, learn an exceptional code of ethics, and live from your highest purpose.

Your Instructor, Emily Aarons

I’m the most sought after energy healer for female visionaries as I help them unlock the wisdom within to create alignment in their business.

I began my healing career as an energy healer and massage therapist, and later as a yoga instructor.

Although I had advanced certifications, I always struggled to make income and impact. Since 2016, I’ve done a lot of personal growth and brought my healing work online and shifted OUT of the “broke healer” identity to earn over 7-figures in my online business.

It’s my passion to help more aspiring healers, coaches, and transformational practitioners to use their spiritual gifts to grow their business.

In 23 years in business I've seen a LOT of struggling healers. I'm proud to say that IEA is changing that for good!

Why Join IEA Now?

"IEA is an amazing opportunity to learn from someone with so much experience & knowledge in the field of energy healing. "

Allison Dellatore
Soul Level Intuitive Coach & Akashic Record Practitioner

"IEA is helping me transition into my new path for work."

Melissa Thallemer
Chief Transformation Officer + Mental Health Councilor

"This is my time now to share with the world and make the difference."

Carla Miller
Hair Stylist & Tarot Reader

"The timing seems perfect! I’m ready to start working with people in ways that will help them the most."

Mindy Deane
Life Coach

"I'm ready to be the light in the dark for someone who needs it."

Shannon Miller
Forensic Healer

"I want to help people find and reveal their light and help free them from the stress, anxieties, and expectations from society."

Jamie LiCausi
Scientist + Part-time Lash/Brow Consultant

Reiki vs IEA

One of reiki practitioner said "IEA is really the umbrella that reiki would fall under. IEA is far more in-depth."

  • A Reiki certification can be completed in a weekend  - IEA is focused on practical and experiential learning (not a quick fix).
  • Reiki gives you a certificate and NO business training - IEA trains you on advanced energy healing and how to build a profitable business from day 1.
  • Reiki doesn't guarantee you clients - IEA does! (We literally promote you to hundreds of M&A members and half of these sessions are paid!).
  • Lots of people have a Reiki certification, they're not niche - IEA is a modality that sets coaches, practitioners, counselors, and other transformational healers apart from the rest! They're trained on how to attract the right clients based on THEIR soul's gifts.
  • Reiki practitioners have an earning cap - IEA practitioners are able to confidently charge a premium for their advanced skillset. (And they begin charging for practice sessions within 2 months of training).


Frequently Asked Questions

Doors will be open in November 2022 and the next round will start in January 2023. Spaces are limited so make sure to get on the waitlist so you will be the first to know when enrolment is open!

You get to choose!

We will be opening enrolment for both the online and in person version in November.

The online version will start in January 2023.

The in-person version will begin in April 2023 and will include an immersive 5-day in-person retreat in Newbury, Massachusetts, US and ongoing support online for the remainder of your certification.

For both options, spaces will be limited to allow for the level of support we provide to our students.

During your 5 month certification, you will have the support of my team and me through:

  • Monthly Q&A sessions
  • Monthly Student Practice Clinics
  • A dedicated Circle Group community where you can get to know the other students in your cohort, share experiences and ask questions
  • Monthly student progress reports to keep you on track.

Our biggest desire is to help you actually finish the certification and build a profitable business - you will never feel alone!

Each module (which is released weekly) is around 45 minutes of teaching. There are two calls a month - one Q&A (60 minutes) and one student clinic (90 minutes). There are also practice sessions which need to be completed so we recommend 2-3 hours a week on average. 

We have built in an integration week at the end of each month with no teaching modules which gives you space to catch up on any content you've missed, revisit teachings and complete your practice sessions. 

YES! Many of our current students have full time jobs (or other commitments) and are able to work the certification around their lives. 

That depends! Are you making the impact and income you really want to?

Do you want to learn my specific energy healing modality?

Do you want to complete a certification that actually has a profit guarantee built into it?

Then yes, this is for you!

Email IEA Project Manager, Amanda at [email protected]  


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Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Certification

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