Build Your Funnel 

Attract new soulmate clients in 30 days or less....

With low-cost, simple tech, and step-by-step instruction and take your spiritual business to the next level. 🎉

(Hear that...ka-ching!💰)


Make Easy Sales With A Funnel! 

Learn my exact process that's helped me... 

✔️ attract thousands of email subscribers every year!

✔️ earn thousands of dollars on auto-pilot every month without being salesy!

✔️ grow my business without having to trade my time!

During This Intensive You Will Learn How To...

 🤔 Determine exactly what your soulmate client needs (so you stop wasting time creating offers that nobody buys).

📝 Plan, strategize, and execute your first or next funnel that makes sales immediately.

🔥 Understand what's working so you can bring in HOT leads while you sleep.

Imagine waking up to dozens of SALES even if you have a small email list!

Your email list has the potential to grow into a trustworthy money-making machine when you apply my 4-Phase proven process!



Since January 2024, I shifted my business from a "Launch" model to an "Evergreen" model business...

My intuition has led me to create some pretty magical funnels and the numbers speak for themselves...

  • New email subscribers who are BUYING immediately 🎉💰
  • Quadruple industry standard for upsells 25-65%.
  • $50K in sales within 2 weeks.

I decided to run this training as a one-off program to a LIMITED number of students!

This is the first...and LAST chance to get this training with me LIVE!

The 4-Phase Process To Making💰 With A Funnel:

1. Brainstorm

Cultivate leads who tell you exactly what they want!

2. Build

Automate lead generation with low-cost simple tech and step-by-step instruction.

3. Execute!

Share your new funnel with the world using 15+ ideas that are proven to get leads!

4. Track

Your metrics will show you where you're growing, what people are buying, and how to scale.

You're In The Right Place If You Are Either...

  • Social media is your only way to bring in new clients (but you're inconsistent).
  • You're ready to expand beyond working on your friends and family.
  • Few (if any) people are interested when you offer people to work with you.
  • You've been keeping things simple because tech intimidates you.
  • You've got great offers, but no one is buying.
  • You've got some funnels but they're not making you any sales.
  • You don't email your subscribers because you don't want to "bother" them.
  • The tech you've invested in is either too much or not enough of what you need right now.

 This Intensive Is FOR You If You Want To... 


💰 Make extra money immediately so you can create financial freedom doing what you love!

💸 Turn your "hobby" into a financially abundant business!

🥰 Attract soulmate clients that value your gifts and have no problem paying for your offers.

🤩 Feel empowered to see your value and STOP discounting yourself.

🧲 Quickly shift into an abundance mindset so that SELLING feels more like SERVICE

Whether this is your FIRST funnel or you want to monetize a funnel you've already built...this training is for you!



"I think this might be one of my favorite trainings EVER!

Thank you for giving us a kick in the a** Emily... seriously I am SO thankful for you."

~ Nicole M.


"THANK YOU. This has been so helpful."

~ Danubia S.


"Watching Emily and being held in her container is everything 😍 "

~ Krystal M.


"I'm absolutely loving your energy and this training right now!"

~ Dominique L.


"I really appreciate the energy you've put into everything."

~ Amy E.


"So needed this."

~ April R.


"LOVED this training. Love your energy Emily!"

~ Linda S.

Every Session Includes:

Step-by-step training and coaching to help you grow fast and efficiently.

Intuitive strategies that will boost your confidence and stay committed to your passion.

Current strategies to boost email subscribers and sales without having to dance on video! 🤣


Whether you join the live call or watch the replay, all students will be asked to post weekly assignments under the replay video training. So even if you can't make all the live calls, everyone will be doing the same work!

Calls will be held on Zoom at 11:00am EST/8am pst/4pm UK

CALL #1:

Friday, May 3

  • Energetically connect with your ideal soulmate client so you can sense exactly what they need and how valuable your work is for them.
  • Practical steps to get your soulmate clients to tell you what they want to buy.
  • Release the negative voices in your head that keep you in self-doubt.

CALL #2:

Friday, May 10

  • Create a streamlined strategy to invite people onto your list who will be ready to buy immediately and repeatedly.
  • Step-by-step guidance to map out each phase of your funnel.
  • Shift your mindset to see how simple strategy can bring in mind-blowing results.🤯

CALL #3:

Friday, May 24

  • Walk-thru each step of creating your funnel using low-cost tech.
  • Create your opt-in page and email sequence so you can nurture your brand new HOT leads! 🔥
  • Learn common mistakes that are made and how to avoid them while keeping your tech simple!

CALL #4:

Friday, June 7

  • Diagnose each element of your funnel from
    • Organic traffic using social media and outreach
    • Opt-in performance
    • Email statistics
    • Sales
  • Learn which are the most important metrics to track so you can evaluate what's working (beyond vanity metrics).

Enroll In Build Your Funnel 6-Week Intensive!

  • (4) LIVE 60-Minute Coaching Calls with Emily ($3,988)
  • 6-Week Container ($1,750)
  • Call replays yours to keep ($1,997)
  • Weekly step-by-step instructional worksheets to keep you on track ($297)
  • Surprise completion bonus course to create an irresistible offer ($297)

$8,329 Value!!

*VIP Upgrade includes a private 30-Minute Funnel Business Audit With Emily & Amanda to diagnose your funnel and deliver a strategy to optimize your results. ($997 value)

$9,326 Value with VIP!

Exclusive Bonuses:

💻 Surprise bonus video trainings so you can take your learning to the next level.

💸 Exclusive discounts to save money on future programs.

⭐️ Exciting opportunities to get featured on my private podcast as a case study! 

Fast Action Bonus! 

Now you can STOP guessing if you're building your funnel correctly because you'll have me and Amanda to give you WEEKLY feedback on your...

✅ Mapped out strategy

Landing Page

Email Sequence

So you're always spending your time on the RIGHT things!


Hi, I'm Emily!

I'm a leading educator to spiritual entrepreneurs, energy healer, and business coach. With over two decades of experience blending energy and business, I've helped tens of thousands of people from all over the globe build a successful business. It's my honor and passion to set the gold standard for the healing and coaching industry. 

My entrepreneur journey started at the age of 22 with my first wellness center. Since then, I've innovated my healing business from a small brick-n-mortar to a million dollar online healing and learning company. I always say, "if I can do this, you can too!" 

Now, the Build Your Funnel Intensive is giving entrepreneurs everywhere an opportunity to access my wisdom and expertise at a CRAZY affordable price!

I guarantee you'll learn something new in every single session.



Build Your Funnel is designed for both Beginners and Intermediate spiritual entrepreneurs. Whether this is your first funnel or you're improving one you already have, this training is sure to create a profitable funnel strategy.