Soulful Business Bundle

Shift Your Energy & Grow Your Business Soulfully!

The Soulful Business Bundle will up-level your vibe, clear your blocks, and attract your soulmate clients so you can grow your business!


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"The Badass Business Bundle is what every entrepreneur needs...Meditations that move the needle in your biz, calm your mind, and save you time looking for just the right one. Game changer Emily, thank you!!!"

Tobey Ann Terry
Beauty & Empowerment Coach

25 On-Demand Meditations

Clear your blocks and shift your energy to attract your soulmate clients.

Gain Clarity

Unlock your intuition to grow your business from your most authentic self.

Track Your Progress

Your spiritual and business growth is easy to see with our printable Monthly Tracker!

"I opened up the Soulful Business Bundle and I am blown away at the amount of meditations that are available and the quality of the meditations are amazing. I have now listened to several of them and I feel so refreshed and ready to tackle anything in my business. Emily's expertise and knowledge and having all the added business meditations are priceless. I feel so much lighter and clearer and ready to take on anything that comes my way."

Gina Strole
Transformational Healer & Spiritual Coach


25 On-Demand straightforward meditations that are proven to shift your energy, unlock your intuition, and grow your business. Bonus: Printable Monthly Tracker also included!


💫 Channeling Confidence
💫 Epic Visibility
💫 Writers Block
💫 Wealth Mindset
💫 Releasing Triggers
💫 Attracting Soulmate Clients with Ease
💫 Managing Stress While Launching
💫 Feeling Enough & Self Care 
💫 Release Imposter Syndrome



Normally $249, now ONLY $57!


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Harnessing + Embracing Your Power
  2. Easy Cord Clearing
  3. Core Values Meditation Exercise
  4. Oracle Card Meditation - Visibility
  5. Active Meditation For Busy Entrepreneurs
  6. Meditation for Epic Visibility
  7. Meditation for Self-Care
  8. Walking Meditation
  9. Meditation for Writer's Block
  10. Thank You Mantra (EXTENDED VERSION)
  11. Thank You Mantra
  12. Attracting Soulmate Clients with Ease*
  13. Hitting Big Goals
  14. Universal Flow of Abundance*
  15. Opening to Unlimited Abundance
  16. Soulful Selling
  17. Managing Stress While Launching
  18. Wealth Mindset
  19. Releasing Imposter Syndrome
  20. Oracle Card Meditation - Taking Responsibility
  21. Deepening Claircognizance
  22. Channeling Confidence
  23. Connecting to Your Highest Self
  24. Releasing Triggers
  25. Inner Wisdom & Trust

*Included in Mastery & Ascension

This bundle is not included in M&A currently. The only two meditations also included in your M&A membership are Attracting Soulmate Clients With Ease and Universal Flow Of Abundance.

If you're not a business owner that's ok. Many of these meditations will still help you relax, heal, and get in touch with your intuition. However, they were created FOR entrepreneurs!

Yes! Once you buy, these meditations are yours to access.

Your Soulmate Clients Are Waiting...

Take a moment and consider the fact that someone is out there PRAYING for you...Are you ready to answer the call to serve them? The Soulful Business can help, are you ready??


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