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Live + On-Demand Meditations Designed To Clear Your Energy Blocks, Unlock Your Intuition, And Support Your Highest Alignment.

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Mastery & Ascension Is The Only Sacred Community For Spiritual Entrepreneurs To Receive Master-Level Energy Healing


Live Monthly Healing & Card Reading | Library with 200+ Meditations | Judgment-free Community 

Using Mastery & Ascension meditations in your daily routine are proven to help you:

  • Dramatically improve your intuition + confidence

  • Become an abundance magnet 

  • Evolve on your spiritual path

...So you can manifest a business and life you LOVE!


Mastery & Ascension is NOT another boring meditation App designed for Muggles...

Sensitive spiritual entrepreneurs deserve the BEST.

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You’re Magical AF 🦄

So why are you still using boring “blank mind” meditations when you COULD be clearing your energy blocks (that are keeping you stuck hiding your gifts)?

You know meditation helps to lower stress and anxiety, BUT you just can't seem to silence your thoughts. 😩

Around here, you'll never have to struggle with mind-control. The meditations inside M&A will lovingly guide you to easily tap into your highest potential! 

Fortunately, M&A is the FASTEST way to get into alignment and grow your heart-centered business.💫

"M&A is a constant reminder to come back to self. Great people to connect with!"


- Abbey Rose, member


"M&A is a part of my daily routine and I feel much more confident in creating a life and business that I love. I appreciate how the community has supported me in making positive changes in my life."


- Tonkea Wright, member

"The support and connection in the community is like nowhere else. The meditation library is amazing."


- Denice Martens, member

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Energy-infused meditations to support you creating a life and business you love…in just minutes a day!


😇 88%

Felt more guided on their spiritual path.



🔮 84%

Felt more trust in their intuition.



🥰 72%

Felt increase overall wellbeing.


1. Engage In Healings

Enjoy participating in monthly LIVE sessions with Emily and the community. Instant access to 200+ meditations, affirmations, journal prompts, and spiritual trainings!

2. Make It A Daily Ritual

With meditations ranging from 5-40 minutes, it's easy to create a regular routine that works with any lifestyle.

3. Live Your Best Life!

Members have reported increased intuition, improved confidence, lowered stress, and attracting more abundance!

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"My intuition has opened up 10x more than before that I can make sound and grounded decisions."

- Colleen Schroeder, member

Physical + Energetic Bodies are NOT Separate

Having a regular meditation practice has been proven to dramatically improve your immune system, lower your risk of infection, and shorten the duration of illness. 

...And when you're under unrelenting stress as an're going to need a resource that can help FAST

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"I joined M&A after my mom passed, frankly I was lost . Emily and this family has been helping me find my intuition and my sparkle/shine 🥰."

- Michele Molinski

Live Energy Healing

Master-level energy healing meditations delivered Live every month on Zoom and inside our private Facebook group. Plus instant access to 200+ meditations, affirmations, journal prompts, and spiritual trainings!

Supportive Community

Gather in a judgement-free community with hundreds of like-minded coaches, healers, and aspiring spiritual leaders.

Easily Accessible

Enjoy meditations without needing to login, using our very own Private M&A Podcast. Each new meditation is added here for easy accessibility!

"Having a private podcast is a major selling point!" Tanya D.

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Traditional Energy/Reiki Healing 1:1

average cost for one hour Reiki $80-150

  • High cost for a single session/treatment
  • Limited scheduling 
  • Sessions are one-and-done. Not repeatable.
  • Extensive research needed to find qualified practitioners 
  • Master-level transformational healers can cost well over $500 per treatment


*Source: Forbes Health, 2023

M&A Seasonal Membership

Monthly Membership $79

  • TWO live sessions per month and 200+ healings in the library!
  • INSTANT access at your fingertips!
  • M&A meditations are DESIGNED to be replayed...and they work!
  • I've had over 23+ years experience as a master-level healer. My work has positively shifted the lives of tens of thousands people globally!
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Your Guide & Energy Healer

Hi, I'm Emily Aarons, and used to think I was meditating "wrong" because I couldn't "get my mind blank". 🤦🏽‍♀️ Turns out, I discovered a way to clear energy blocks AND unlock my intuitive abilities without clearing my thoughts.

The truth is that meditation is one of the BEST vehicles for intuition and business growth!

I've developed my signature style of energy-infused healing meditations for over 23 years which is why my work will take you

✨That means you'll be talking to spirit guides, seeing crazy sh*t in meditation, and ultimately activating your inner knowing so you don't have to rely on terrible advice for your business ever again!

What I've come to realize is your personal energy alignment is what makes the biggest difference in your business and finances!

Inside the Mastery & Ascension Membership, my work will help you by clearing and releasing energy blocks so you can step fully into your highest alignment and grow your business.

What's Included In Your M&A Membership:

"I love Mastery & Ascension! Emily provides great value and knows exactly what we need energy-wise as entrepreneurs. Love it!"


- Wendy Collier, member

"I wake up to reboot. It is one of the three tools that helps me reset my system!"


- Yasha Talaga, member

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All. The. Goodies.

Every member. Every month. All year long! 🦄

Join as a Monthly, Seasonal, or Annual Member!

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7-Day Trial for $7. After trial period is over, you will be billed $79 (on day 8) and be invited to join our members only Facebook group.

  • Automatically Billed Monthly
  • Requires 6 month commitment. No refunds.
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  •  A 3-month Season is equivalent to $55 per month. 

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🔥 Most SAVINGS! 🔥


  • (4) 60-Minute group energy healing + card pull with one of my certified Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioners ($788 value) 
  • "Soul Book Healings" ($97 value)
  • Energy Toolkit ($47 value)
  • Digital Journal ($11 value)

That's $1K worth of extras! 🤩

  • Billed yearly.
  • Cancel anytime. No refunds.
  • A 12-month Annual is equivalent to $46 per month. 
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EXTRA B-B-Bonuses!!

As if the membership wasn't already exploding with value...I've added extras worth over $3,000! 🤯

Quarterly Hypnotherapy

I've hired my personal hypnotherapist to share her magic within M&A! Experience the enormous benefits of clearing energy from your subconscious mind ($988)




(3) Killer Workshops

  • Attracting Your Soulmate Clients Workshop with Emily + Deb Laflamme ($397)
  • 6-Week Intro To Meditation For Entrepreneurs ($297)
  • Intuition Week Replays ($985)


Entity + Parasite Removal

My friend and fellow master-level healer, Tracy Gaudet has recorded a series of outstanding healings to remove entities and parasites, and it's spectacular...especially when you have cords you just can't shake ($497)



Wicked Good Questions

7-Day Trial Includes

  • Welcome video + daily emails
  • PDF Workbook with tracker
  • (7) Suggested meditations to stay focused
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 Plus Get Access To 100's Of Healings Including:

🎧 5 min listen

Daily Immune + Energy Boost Meditation

🎧 13 min listen

Reboot #1: Full Energy Clearing Without Interrupting Your Day!

🎧 30 min listen

Unlock Your Akashic Records For Wealth

🎧 19 min listen

Journey To The Top Of Your Mountain

🎧 8 min listen

Attracting Soulmate Clients With Ease

🎧 31 min listen

Prioritize Your Wisdom
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"The meditation library is magical. I can intuit my way to just the right meditation and connect with exact the guidance I need."

- Carrie Hamm, member