Release Stress, Clear Money Blocks, & Get Into Alignment



Mastery & Ascension Is The ONLY Sacred Community For Spiritual Entrepreneurs To Receive Monthly Master-Level Energy Healing

1. Watch Live Healings

Enjoy monthly LIVE sessions with Emily plus access 200+ meditations, mini-masterclasses, workshops, and more!

2. Build Confidence

As you practice, your intuition will naturally get stronger and you can stop second-guessing yourself.

3. Attract Abundance

When you're energetically aligned, you get to do what you love, feel your best, AND make incredible income!

In Short: M&A is the closest thing to having me, a master healer with 23+ years experience, at your fingertips with on-demand audio healings anytime you're in need! 

Which might be more than you want to admit...working on visibility, setting boundaries, people pleasing, making decisions, during a stressful launch, raising your rates...shall I keep going!?


"I love Mastery & Ascension! Emily provides great value and knows exactly what we need energy-wise as entrepreneurs. Love it!"

- Wendy Collier


You're here to make an impact, and you deserve to feel fabulous while doing it!


Mastery & Ascension provides a safe space to heal from within and unlock your intuition alongside a community of spiritual entrepreneurs, just like you.

Truly unique to entrepreneurs!

You'll never find THESE on a mindfulness meditation app...

  • Releasing Imperfection and Increase Your Tolerance To Receive 
  • Unlock Your Akashic Records For Wealth 
  • Healing People Pleasing 

What is Being Out Of Alignment And Burnt Out Costing You?


You've been working your buns off lately, but somehow you're just not seeing the business growth you're after. There's good news and bad news...

The bad news is that you CANNOT fake magnetic energy! Thinking you can just hide your overwhelm, frustrations, and fading confidence behind some makeup and a smile just doesn't work.

The GOOD NEWS is that this is easily one of the most common issues with entrepreneurs. You've watched your mentors and peers "hustling" and you got tricked into believing you had to work hard to make money, and that's simply not true.

There's a MUCH easier way and it's called alignment.


Is Your Life Or Business Suffering Because You're Out Of Alignment And Burnt Out?

☑️ Everything you create feels forced

☑️ Your offers feel heavy or stressful

☑️ You're attracting customers who aren't a good fit

☑️ You're struggling with trusting your intuition

☑️ You're feeling uninspired

☑️ The ups and down's of running a business feel overwhelming


Where Are YOU Holding Onto Stress, Anxiety, or Heaviness?

"I joined M&A after my mom passed, frankly I was lost . Emily and this family has been helping me find my intuition and my sparkle/shine 🥰."

- Michele Molinski


Your Guide & Energy Healer

Hi, I'm Emily Aarons! I'm an Intuitive Healer & Business Alignment Coach. Over the last 23 years in practice, I've helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs clear their energy, connect with their intuition, and get back into alignment so they can fulfill their soul's purpose.

I too was once a victim to stress, anxiety, and depression. It took me finally hitting rock bottom and asking my guides for help when my life and business completely turned around.

I'd been a "broke healer" for over a decade when I finally stopped hiding my natural intuitive gifts away, I came out of my spiritual closet and within a year 10X'd my business...

What I've come to realize is your personal energy alignment is what makes the biggest difference in your business and finances!

Once you're aligned you can truly tap into unlimited amounts of joy, freedom, expression, love and abundance. And that's what I do here in Mastery & Ascension; I help you find your way back to YOURSELF, so you can stop second-guessing and actually live your dharma. 

Very few coaches understand how to ALIGN their clients' energy, but that's where my work is UNIQUE and so TRANSFORMATIVE. 

Inside the Mastery & Ascension Membership, my work will help you by clearing and releasing energy blocks so you can step fully into your highest alignment, unlock your intuition, and grow your business.

Mastery & Ascension is for entrepreneurs ready to unlock their own potential. No meditation experience needed!

"The existence of this group is a constant reminder to come back to self. Great people to connect with!"

- Abbey Rose


  • LIVE Monthly Energy Healing + Channeled Forecast
  • LIVE Monthly Group Card Reading
  • Meditation Vault with 200+ Meditations, Mini-masterclasses, Workshops, and More!
  • Reboot Energy Clearings
  • PDF Spiritual Alignment Guide


  • M&A Member Business Directory
  • Weekly Email Accountability
  • Supportive Global Community + Facebook Group
  • Private Podcast (no log-in to listen)
  • Member-Only Discounts
  • Premier Access To Integrated Energy Alignment (IEA) Student Healing Sessions

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A 3 month Season is equivalent to $55 per month. 



Annual Membership


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  • "Soul Book Healings" ($97 value)
  • Energy Toolkit ($47 value)
  • Digital Journal ($11 value)


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A 12 month Annual is equivalent to $46 per month. 



Plus These Incredible Bonus Workshops...

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Soulmate Clients with Emily & Deb Laflamme ($397 Value)


6-Week Intro To Meditation For Entrepreneurs ($297 Value)


Intuition Week Access Replay All Sessions ($985 Value)


Abundance Week 
($297 Value)

"The support and connection in the community is like nowhere else. The meditation library is amazing. I look forward to Emily's live energy healing each month."

- Denice Martens

FAQs about Mastery & Ascension


"The meditation library is magical. I can intuit my way. to just the right meditation, and connect with exactly the guidance I need."

- Carrie Hamm